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  • Even in this thread there’s discussion of a show that blatantly tittilates the audience with underage characters that would absolutely qualify as csam in any other community except in the anime community, for some reason.

    Emphasis mine. If what you are saying is indeed correct (is it? dunno), this is a sign that the acronym “CSAM” was completely derailed.

    Originally the expression “child sexual abuse material” was coined to avoid implications of consent brought by the word “pornography”, and it boils down to “evidence of child sexual abuse”. Consent and sexual abuse are legal notions that only apply to real people, not to fictional characters.

    In the meantime, at worst the instance in question depicts images of clearly fictional characters in suggestive poses and/or clothing. It does not classify even as pornography, let alone sexual abuse. (Note that not even hentai depicting clearly adult characters is allowed in that instance.)

    I don’t care about what the maintainers’ view of the matter is, I make (and sometimes delete) my comments based on my own view of it.

    Given that this is a touchy subject, I think that this matter is better handled neither by the maintainers’ views nor by our own views, but by 1) legal definitions of governments that might be relevant in the matter, and 2) explicit moral premises.

  • Yeah, but the admins, as the thread has shown, are mainly reining in violations of sitewide policy. Instance rules are mainly the job of mods.

    So the admins are reining in violations of policy… while rules are mainly the job of the mods??? Congratulations, that’s the dumbest thing that I’ve read today.

    Couple the above with the backpedalling (from “This is what mods are for.” to “Instance rules are mainly the job of mods.”; emphasis on “mainly”) - a sleight of hand, while lying that I was the one using a sleight of hand - and I’m led to the conclusion that you have nothing meaningful to add to this discussion, and can be safely ignored as dead weight and noise.

    Unlike the above, does anyone here have any decent counter-argument against “migrating this comm to that other instance would be sensible”?