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  • Pride parade and days have to be understood in a sociohistorical perspective. Gays , or afro americans, or women, or trans have been seen as less than human and treated socialy and legally as less than white adult men. It might be normalized and accepted today in California or Toronto, but this statu quo is really weak and only in appearance. Many still just “tolerate” minorities. We still have to fight for acceptation and being seen as real humans and also fight for an international presence, and also show our support for oppressed people around the world. I also had your mentality, but when you learn about history and actual oppression, you understand that the fight is not over.

  • Still not enough content. I already feel the slow down in activities. I’m in a weird spot rn. I go back to reddit because there’s more interesting stuff to see, but the official apps is so bad, that I come back here. Also People here seems more intelligent on avg.

    I like lemmy because there is no ads and no gold and premium stupid stuff like NFTs and 50$ awards. I liked the awards ideas ,but damn paying up to 100$ for digital emojis that everyone will forget in a day?

    The big downside is the lack of embedded videos. Of course videos takes a lot of server power compared to text. But I hope we find a way to implement this in the future.

    I think we should have a public board that shows the instance hardware spec and the finance. So we can set donations goals to upgrade servers or keep them afloat.