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  • This miiiight be an artifact from taking a picture from a moving car. A narrow pole in the foreground would become a wider blur due to the shutter time. It doesn’t seem like that happened here, there’s not horizontal streak.

    Google maps also used to do this when stitching together multiple photos from the multiple cameras to get a panorama picture. It just fades the sides of the pictures and overlays them, and you get something like this.

  • In some places, like parts of Florida, you can’t bury anything because you’ll immediately be underwater.

    Greeting from the Netherlands, currently 5 meters below sealevel and all our powerlines except for (some of) the main network ones are underground, many of them sitting pretty below groundwater level. That’s actually a bonus, because it helps keep them cool. If they’re above groundwater level, you need to make sure they can lose their heat by using specially graded sand.

    It might be expensive, but this method demonstrably gets people killed. If Europe can manage to bury powerlines for small villages, why can’t the largest cities in the US?

    if that’s what a southeast Asian village looks like in your mind

    You managed to pick a site that has the worst poles in the largest city. Many streets look like this: https://maps.app.goo.gl/7oUxKAx5hqX3kwNF7

  • Considering they have a net worth of $45m and $40m, respectively, then yes maybe Academia should have classes and seminars about them.

    According to Credit Suisse, there were 264,200 people with net worth above US$50 million at the end of 2021. That is completely not noteworthy of a mention in any way, on a global level.