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  • Semele was just a priestess who got diddled by Zeus, as you do, and got pregnant with Dionysus.

    However, after shenanigans by Hera, she got tricked into asking Zeus to show himself to her in his full godly might, and because he was oathbound due to earlier power-of-boner stuff, he had to unwillingly comply.

    He tried his best to show the tiniest sliver of his true being that would count, but she was still mortal, and got burned in godly flame for just witnessing him.

    Zeus, saved the foetal Dionysus by strapping him to his thigh until the thigh-pregnancy was complete, and later, Dionysus found his mom in the underworld, and made her into the God of Drunk Frenzy.

    Following all that, Semele appears to be uppity about her incredible husband to her sister, because Semeles husband carried their fetus to term after Semele died, while her sister’s husband was a mere wife-and-son-murder-attempter.

    I love out of context ancient greek mythology. Btw, all that, makes Dionysus the only god in this graph, apart from Gaia herself, to not be the product of direct incest. (Is brain-parthenogenesis incest? Who knows)

  • Not very knowledgeable on all this, but, the best method is to one day get laser.

    That’s probably not within your reach if you’re asking so, let me say, from my experience with really visible, high contrast and dense body hair, any method of uprooting (plucking or waxing), both gives a pretty good result of hairlessness if you get all of them, and, after 2-3 cycles of growing and uprooting again, that hair is permanently 10-15% less visible (primarily thinner, also straighter). If you know where to look, my arm hair has a transition line between the side I plucked, and the side I haven’t yet. It’s unassuming, but still there, after plucking them 3 times, more than 4 months ago.

    The disadvantage of that is that you need to let them grow a bit, in order to have something to grab on to.

  • I see. Well, if I take what you’re saying as fully correct, then it sounds like communism compared to anarchism, is just “a different path for how we reach the same utopia”.

    And this different path passes through more authority (quantity and quality), through the existence and emphasis of the state.

    How much authority, is probably what makes the spectrum of Anarchy to Stalin-Lenin.

    And well… As an anarchist, deafboy’s comment might be polemic, but I get it. Any authority that can, will get corrupted.

  • I’m assuming they meant “talking to the parent, using less complicated, more mainstream words, even if the meaning is a little wrong as a result”.

    Which in my opinion is an ok approach, even though this specific parent, just by posting here, appears tech- and lgbt- savvy enough to probably know at least some terms.

    Also, they could have just said ‘not trans’ instead, if ‘cis’ would be too advanced.

    Actually scratch that, I get using “straight” as non-lgbt. It is how is very commonly used outside of lgbt circles.

    But not a bad thought on its own. just maybe a bit othering.